Saturday, May 16, 2009

AK 47 stories

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Last time I went to get my hair cut, my barber told me that he had seen a clip of me on the internet shooting an AK47 assault rifle. This came as quite a shock to me. I did shoot an AK47 once, but I hadn’t been aware that the incident had been filmed. I have a couple of photos on my laptop, which I’ve shown to friends, but I’ve been very careful to keep those pictures off the web. My barber said that he found the clip by googling “AK47 kallash”. (“Kallash” is the Albanian nickname for the AK47 Kalashnikov.) I tried this and didn’t find anything, so I don’t know whether or not the incriminating footage is really out there or my barber was mistaken. Anyway, this incident got me thinking about my AK47 encounters here in the Balkans. I’ve decided to post some of those stories, so keep watching this spot in the days to come.


Steve Hayes said...

AK 47s seem to be common all over the world. Popular with freedom fighters, terrorists, gangsters.

Anonymous said...

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