Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok, I really like Rob Bell and all, but is it just me or does he sound just like Kermit the Frog?


rosegirl said...

Ok, who is Rob Bell???? Is it just me or do you always assume people know who you are talking about?

kosovacajun said...
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kosovacajun said...

Here's the URL for the Wikipedia entry on him:
I'll edit the post to put this hyperlink with his name.

Of the three or four people who read my blog, as many as two of them might be familiar with Rob Bell.

matt said...

yay, Rob Bell.
yay, Grand Rapids, MI.

I'm an avid reader, Mark :)

momlisac said...

I must say I have noticed the similarity, but since Kermit is a puppet, perhaps it is more accurate to say he sounds like Jim or Brian Henson;) Have a blessed day.