Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July or Fifth of May?

I ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant today, the Fourth of July.  Is that subversive, or what?  By the way, the restaurant is located in the part of Hoover, Alabama that has come to be known as Guadala-Hoover.


Rachel said...

Hey, you stole my plan. You know the Cinco de Mayo is not a big holiday in Mexico. Their Independence Day is in September. I think it's cool that immigrant communities are sprouting up in the South and Midwest, because then everyone will have access to great food.

Zechariah said...

I'm at Panera Bread in Montgomery, AL. Nice place, I stop here every time I come this way (this makes third). They have Xanga blocked due to "mature/adult content" but they allow MySpace...buhhh?